You can start you adventure at Rurrenabaque arriving from La Paz, you will find yourself at a tropical site in the middle of the Amazon, Rurrenabaque is a small town on the edge of on the banks of the river Beni.The privileged location allows Rurrenabaque to show the visitor nature at its best.

This extraordinary journey will make you discover some of the most beautiful treasures of South America; the Madidi National Park one of the richest and most preserved areas of the Amazon Forest, with unique fauna and flora: more than 1200 species of birds, numerous mammals and reptiles, one of the last places in America where you can still find jaguars living on the wild. 
To find out where you're going, click on one of the following...

JUNGLE TOUR (2 Days-1 Night) 

-MADIDI TREKKING (5 Days-4 Nights

The Yacuma river Reserve (Pampas) where you can take cruise through the river to watch sweet water pink and grey dolphins. Or maybe an anaconda tracking trip in the nearby lagoons or go piranhas fishing on the river Yucuma. Across the entire trip you will be amazed by the incredible variety of birds, exotic flowers and animals you will see. This is definitely a trip for those who love nature and have an adventurous spirit.

- PAMPAS TOUR (3 Days-2 Nights)